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"Start your partnership with Synergi Solutions today. Providing A Solution. Making Life Simpler For Every Industry"
Getting started as a partner is easy. We need to know about your company, and the industry (or industries) and segments you’re providing your services for. Synergi will make sure that your service is fully integrated with other services and with Microsoft Office

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Synergi is looking for partners that want to provide best-of-breed services to a wider market. Synergi makes it possible for Partners to offer “Content as a Service” CAAS. You build the content views and Synergi will deliver them. Synergi uses the versatility of cloud computing to keep content thin but leverages the rich features of Microsoft Outlook. Leverage the Synergi infrastructure to deliver your services. Users can try your content through a free trial subscription period, they will learn to love what you have to offer. Your information can be packaged in four offerings, Basic, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise editions. Users who continue using a service beyond the thirty-day trial will be automatically billed for their subscribed services.

The Synergi Add-In allows you to stop developing applications and focus on your core mission – providing information.


Benefits of our partner Marketplace


•  Synergi takes care of integrating your services with others
•  Your sales representatives will no longer need to focus on integration
•  Users will be able to integrate disparate information seamlessly
•  Information is passed in context, so managing workflow is now a snap
•  The Synergi Add-In uses click-once updating (like Windows Update) – so updating services is transparent to the end user
•  Users get product and service notifications via advertising on your service title bar.
•  The Synergi framework provides the ability to advertise upcoming events and products for each industry and its segments, targeting your specific markets.
•  User experience report generation, content analysis to help you improve your service content and to develop new ones.
•  Synergi provides the framework