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"Enable your company with the combination of best of breed technologies.
Providing A Solution. Making Life Simpler For Every Industry"

Synergi and the Microsoft Office Suite enable companies to handle larger and more complex workflows, increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and retention.


What is Synergi
bringing information together

Synergi 2013 makes it easier for people to work with information from a wide variety of content from disparate providers. If you’re looking for a solution that provides the relevant content to the user based on his role and his workflow then the Synergy Add-In is for you!


Why use synergi
simplify your user's workflow

Synergy helps you integrate disparate applications that fulfill workflow needs Increase customer retention, and drive revenue. Use solutions powered by Synergi for Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.


Synergi Partners
partner with Synergi

Our partner program will help you get your information in front of your target market users.. Tell us your industry and the segment your product is for and we will help you get your information in front of the users that can benefit from it and want to pay you for it!